Your 2020 Judges

Mr. Gay DayS Leather 2019 Mark Snyder

Mark Snyder

Head Judge

Mr. Gay DayS Leather 2019

Daddy Mark, is the current Mr. Gay DayS Leather and is from Solon, Ohio. He identifies as a Daddy Leather Bear. He has previously, held the titles of Mr. North America Daddy Bear 2017, Mr. Cleveland Bear 2016, and Mr. North East Ohio Bear 2014. He has judged Bear and Leather events, locally, nationally, and internationally. He is the current producer of R&J Leather Bear Pride, which is open to anyone. He is a member, and past President of Arktos Bears of Northeast Ohio and a Full member of The Rangers, Northeast Ohio’s Leather/Levi/Uniform Club. He is an emcee and entertainer for many events to promote and raise funds for the LGBTQ Community. He was humbled at World Bear in Cincinnati when Mama Sandy Reinhardt brought him into the family as Mama’s Cleveland Bear. Last fall while emceeing, R&J Leather’s Mr. Classic Leather in Cleveland, he was presented his cover by his husband Jim and his Leather family. He has been with Jim for 28 years (married 11/12/13), has 2 children, and 2 grandchildren. He is proud to be a Daddy for the Bear and Leather communities and to mentor, support, and provide a shoulder or hug. This will be his first time to Delaware, and he is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Rodney Altemose has the honor to be the current Mr. Woods Leather 2020. As such, he has already represented The Woods Campground at regional Leather events such as Philadelphia Leather Pride Night (PLPN) Philadelphia OUT Fest, Santa Saturday and the Mr/Ms DC Eagle contests as well as local Drag performances in New Hope, Harrisburg and King of Prussia. He is a huge believer in helping his community in any opportunity he can. He has successfully integrated his passion for fundraising and helping others. He and his current sash family are spending their title year organizing fundraisers for the Trevor Project.... both at the Woods campground and in the local community such as a Leather and Lace night at Rainbow Mountain.

He has his Doctorate in Education and is a Campus Dean at Bucks County Community College. He is active with the Human Rights Campaign, Rainbow Room and the Trevor Project. He is married to his husband Steve and has two children, Patrick and Alison.

His participation in campground events (both in season and off season) and fundraisers is keeping him very busy since he became Mr. Woods Leather 2020

Mr. Woods Leather 2020 Rodney Altemouse

Rodney Altemose

Mr. Woods Leather 2020

Mister Virginia Bear 2020 Joey Dominique

Joey Dominique

Jr. Judge

Mister Virginia Bear 2020

Joey is your current reigning Mister Virginia Bear. He has a strong passion for his LGBTQ & leather communities, especially in his hometown of Norfolk, Virginia. He hosts monthly bar nights and raises money for local LGBTQ charities alongside his fellow title siblings, including Sunny Haynes, Virginia Mama Bear 2020. He first stepped onto the bear scene in 2016, where he found a home at MJ’s Tavern, a popular bear/leather bar in Norfolk.

Graduating cosmetology school in 2018, he is a passionate, blossoming hairstylist and barber. In 2020, he hopes to raise the bar even higher for bear and leather title holders everywhere, putting his all into his philanthropy work, and making a positive mark on his community through passion, love, and laughter.

Sunny Haynes of Chesapeake, Va, entered the kink community with her husbear, Michael, after her 7 children had grown up and left the house in 2013. In 2015, she and Michael discovered the leather community and found that it called back to her roots of being brought up around motorcycle MCs as a child. As a bisexual woman in an open/polyamorous marriage to a bisexual man, Sunny found that it was a struggle to find her and her husbear's place in the LGBT+, Leather and Kink communities. Neither of them gave up the efforts and eventually found their tribe. During her journey she has become the treasurer for the SVA-PAH, the Vice President of the Knight Hawks of Virginia, an associate of Virginia Leatherwomen United and the current Virginia Mama Bear 2020. Sunny can also be found volunteering for the LGBT Life Center in Norfolk, Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia in Norfolk and Equality Virginia. Her title platform is focused on community service and fighting for equality rights of everyone in her local community.

Virginia Mama Bear 2020 Sunny Haynes

Sunny Haynes

Virginia Mama Bear 2020

Ms. DC Eagle 2019 Alyssa Durnien

Alyssa Durnien

Ms. D.C. Eagle 2019

Alyssa Durnien, the first Ms. D.C. Eagle and a former Ms. Woods Leather 2017 and is honored to be a chosen as a judge for this year’s contest. Alyssa initially started her Leather life within the community in 2015 as a part of the NJ Leather Family, it wasn’t till she went to the Woods Campground for Leather III, and the Mr. and Ms. Woods Leather Contest for 2015 did she really find her true home.

Alyssa met and was handpicked by Sandy Mama Reinhardt as Mama’s Pink Leatherette during the contest in 2015, (Pink being Alyssa’s favorite color and all) and she identifies as a Chap Stick lesbian.

In 2016, Alyssa competed and won the title of Ms. Woods Leather 2017. During that year she attended leather events all over the Mid- Atlantic region, and worked effortlessly to raise funds for various charities such as the Leather Hearts Foundation, Monroe County Children and Youth Services, as well as The Woods Camp Fund. She conquered all expectations and achieved the ultimate goal of giving producer Jim Bennett the infamous glitter beard.

She hosted the first successful charity event at the former Baltimore Eagle called the Ladies of Leather, MCed the Kinky Playground, judged Mr. Maryland Leather 2017.

Alyssa ran for the title of Ms. DC Eagle 2019 with the support and encouragement from her Woods Leather family attending the contest. During her current title year Alyssa has MCed the MX Virginia Leather Contest, and the Mid Atlantic Leather Woman and Mid Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack contest. She has judged the Ms. Gay Arlington and Bears, Bikers and Mayhem 2019. Alyssa participated in a few flogging 101 classes and raised money for local charities. Alyssa has traveled during her title year to all the Eagle bars on the East coast. From Providence town all the way to Atlanta. Alyssa was stage manager for Mr. Virginia Leather 2019. When Alyssa isn’t on the road attending events, Alyssa still enjoys chosen family time and down time at the Woods Campground. Alyssa is currently getting familiar with the Hampton Roads Leather scene while enjoying down time with her girlfriend. Alyssa looks forward to helping and supporting the Bear community during the Delaware Bear Contest 2020.