Nico Gonzalez

  • Name:
    Nico Gonzalez
  • Title:
    Delaware Cub 2023
  • Pronouns:

Hey everyone! I am Nico, a Jersey boy born and raised and proud of it. I have relocated to Delaware to be with my hardheaded boyfriend **cough cough** I mean my lovely Fiancée and our two fur babies who I love dearly. I tend to crack jokes, but people don’t usually get my dry sense of humor. Most people laugh when I let them know I put my mom in the closet so she could get a feeling of how felt for the 22 years I was there. (pause) And if you didn’t get that joke, I have to disclose that yes, my mother has passed, and I put her ashes in the closet, so I didn’t have to see them. But I put her in a coach purse, so it was like a luxury apartment for her.

If I still didn’t make you laugh its ok, my fiancée, after a year and half he still doesn’t know when I am joking. You can usually catch me chilling at home relaxing or zooming up 95/295 going back and forth between Jersey and Delaware, sometimes PA. But during my downtime I enjoy hanging out with friends, going out to dinner and drinks. I will admit I do tend to be Atlantic City from time to time getting pampered with massages and drinks. Nothing better than being spoiled like a king. Overall, I am an outgoing person who enjoys being social, helping others and giving back anyway I can.