Category Is…

There are four costume categories on which every contestant is judged.  These categories are open to your interpretation.  Use your best judgement as to the line between following the brief and being unique.  Show the audience and judges your courage and creativity.  Do you want to make a statement and strike a pose with purpose?  Will you win the judges over with charm and personality?  Will you use your wit and creativity to make us laugh with you?  Show us what you got!

Bar Wear

The Bar Wear category shows confidence.  Whether you are going out to trip the light fantastic or hunt for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right Now), we want your signature look.  You’ll be wearing this look around the bar while you introduce yourself to our audience, sell raffle tickets, and endeavor to convince them that your basket holds what they truly want.

Under Bear

The Under Bear category is all about revealing yourself.  Whether you are showing us your tender emotional underbelly or just your bare belly, we want to see your take on an after hours look.  Are you rocking a teddy bear onesie or are you doing hula hoops in the latest Andrew Christian jock? Contestants will be featuring their Under Bear look during the first half of Saturday evening as everyone gathers at the bar.

Nota bene: We know some of you may be more comfortable … giving it all you got.  We would like to remind contestants to remain within the bounds of Delaware State law when preparing their costumes.  If you are concerned this may apply to you, please get in touch.  🙂

Theme Wear

The theme category is where you must showcase your creativity.  Take inspiration from the prompt and let your imagination go wild… don’t go to wild though or you might lose the judges and the audience.

This year’s theme is … Fun and Games!

Candy Land, Clue, Ouija, DND, Chess; Contestants should present themselves as a tabletop game. Be creative show the audience and the judges what you can come up with.

Formal Wear

The Formal Wear category is your chance to present your most proper self.  Is that a tuxedo? Your leather? A uniform? We cannot wait to find out! You choose how to present your most formal self to to the panel.  While in your formal attire you’ll be answering the Q&A,  delivering your final speech, and for a lucky few, receiving a title.