About Us

History and Mission

The Delaware Bear Contest had its beginnings in the late 70’s, early 80’s. It was short lived ending in 1986; however, started anew in 2018. The contest caught the attention of many locals and after 32 years it was successful again. After our 2019 contest was finished and our 2020 winners were crowned Covid-19 hit a devastating blow. The previous promoter needed to move on, however our new team has ambitiously risen after a 3 year hiatus to bring the spotlight back.


The Delaware Bear Contest is an organization determined to create and expand an inclusive competition within Delaware to aid in promoting local businesses, charities and associations. In recent years the contest has been flourishing with more titles and more contestants. Our goal is to bring Delaware forward and build LGBTQ+ friendly events and environments. We want to continue this great tradition and shine a light on our community while promoting everything Delaware. We are excited to partner with many LGBTQ+ friendly events and businesses as we grow. We have previous contestant that have gone on to achieve titles outside of the state while promoting not only themselves but their crowning title as well. Our continued vision is to reach push our contestants to attend other LGBTQ+ events to get the name of the Delaware Bear Contest into the wider community of contests and events.